Saturday, April 9, 2011

Velcro hair pieces

I used to have these really cool hair pieces that stayed in my hair with Velcro.  I decided to make one recently and here is my finished result:

This was really easy.  I just cut out three flowers from fabric.  Each one smaller than the rest.  I grabbed some Velcro from my stash and cut it into a circle. (I am pretty sure that you can buy Velcro already shaped into a circle, but didn't go to the store to check)  I hot glued the Velcro to the back of the large flower and then hot glued the middle of each flower on top.  Only hot gluing the middle helps for the edges to stand up a little and get some dimension.
You can use both pieces of the Velcro to ensure it stays in place, but I found that just using the top prickly side of it stays in place well enough by itself for curly hair. 
Happy Crafting!

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