Saturday, April 2, 2011

Easter Egg Basket T-shirt Tutorial

Okay, this is my first Tutorial, so please be patient with me... I decided that I wanted an Easter basket with eggs and some grass for my Easter t-shirt... so I looked through my fabric and found some scraps of fabric that could pass for a basket.  Then I found some tie-died scraps that would make some great eggs.  I looked through my ribbon for something to make my basket handle and then the fake Easter basket grass.  (no, I did not use plastic grass for my shirt)

What you will need:
fabric scraps for the basket and eggs.  (I took mine from some fat quarters that I had in my stash)
Satin ribbon to make your basket handle
Sheer ribbon for your grass
Erasing ink fabric pen or pencil

First step was to turn the t-shirt inside out and on the front side I pinned the fabric for my basket making sure to center it.
Pin the fabric onto the t-shirt making sure not to pin it to the backside of the t-shirt (you don't want to sew it closed)
Take your erasing ink pen or pencil and draw the shape of your basket.
 Here is a closer view of my basket
 Sew on the lines of your basket that you drew, then turn the shirt right side out and this is what you have:
 Take your scissors and snip the t-shirt fabric away about a 1/8 inch from your stitching.  Be careful when you start your first cut not to cut through all of the fabric, you just want to cut the t-shirt fabric away.

 Next, do the same steps for your eggs.  Pin the fabric to the wrong side, draw your oval shape and sew around your line.  It takes a lot of patience to do ovals with the sewing machine, go slowly to avoid mistakes and misshapen ovals.  Then cut the excess fabric away from the fabric of your basket and eggs. I left about 1/4 inch excess.
 Turn your shirt right side out and cut the t-shirt fabric away from your eggs.  Once again being careful when you start your cutting not to cut the egg fabric.
 It should look something like this:
 Next braid the ribbon for the handle:
 Pin the handle onto your t-shirt and then sew into place.  I think that using stabilizer on the back of the shirt would be ideal, but I didn't.  I also only sewed the handle in a few places because I didn't want to mash it with the sewing foot.  I sewed about six places in my handle.
 Notice that we left the ends of the ribbon hanging for some extra dimension
 Next you are going to make the ribbon grass.  I put my sewing machine on the largest stitch and loosed the tension and sewed a very long stretch of sheer ribbon. (I think I used half a spool)  Since my ribbon was so thin, the feet did not catch it and I had to pull it through the machine myself.  I suggest doing this slowly and making sure to keep your pulling equal to the pace of the sewing foot for the best results.  You might want to practice first on a scrap of fabric.
 Once that was done, I gave myself a good bit of slack of the sewing machine thread before snipping.  Take either the bobbin thread or the top stitch thread (after you have cut it from the sewing machine) and pull.  Start bunching up the ribbon along that thread.  I bunched it up first and then slowly moved it around until I was happy with my curl results.  Next lay it onto the basket and bunch it up.  Pin it into place until you are happy with your results.  Sew in a few places here and there until it is secure and you are happy with the look.  And you have your Easter Egg Basket T-shirt!
Happy Crafting!

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  1. Wow Kista! That looks great :) And great tutorial-izing too!!!