Thursday, July 21, 2011

Our Family Tree Wall Hanging

We had a family reunion on my side of the family last month and I made a lot of things for it.  Here is the first one I will post about.  I wanted to give a gift to my parents for getting the reunion together and being such awesome grandparents.  So I decided to make a family tree wall hanging for them.  Each flower represents a female and the leaves are the males.  This is all I have for you, as it was unfinished when we left them.  We each signed our name on a small piece of card stock that was secured to a small ribbon to hang off the button holding each person leaf or flower. 
It was really fun to put the flowers together with my sister in laws and nieces, as we each picked out the fabric to make them with and all helped assemble them. 
I hope to get a picture sometime soon from my Mom after she has hung it in her house.
Happy Crafting!

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