Thursday, May 5, 2011

Birthday banner and gift for 'hard to shop for' Husband

Okay, the banner was not my idea, it was something our church made together and it has inspired all of my other banners as well. 
 My husband is pretty hard to shop for because it doesn't take a lot to make him happy and so I have a hard time coming up with things for birthdays and Christmas gifts.  This year I lucked out.  We have been trying to clear out the woods behind our house and he came across the perfect walking stick.  I kid you not, it was perfect!  So I decided to mark it with some of the nicknames he has gained over his lifetime and then I also marked it with things that he likes.  Like a soccer ball, basketball, a saw (he likes to build things), etc.  I borrowed some one's soldering (sp?) tool to do this.  Then I wrapped leather around the part where he would hold the stick for a comfortable grip and hot glued the ends in place.  It turned out to be a great gift and now we can't wait to go hiking together as a family!  My son has been looking for a good walking stick since then.
Happy Crafting!

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